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Versace Unleashes Luxury GSM Cell Phones

Author: Paul Wise
Italian luxury brand of just about everything, Versace has gotten on board with the growing popularity of cell phones. If luxury GSM Cell Phones is news to you, you're not alone. Many people have not yet heard of them likely, because of the price tag that begins in the high hundreds and ends somewhere in the mid thousands. Yes, these are truly luxury GSM Cell Phones and the model that Versace is set to launch is no exception. If it is an exception it may be that it is gaudier than its predecessors.

The new high-end Versace cell phones are set to feature materials like leather, come customized with a variety of colors and materials for the customers to choose from and supplied with software upgrades so that the lavish cell phones can stay current and up to date. These GSM Cell Phones are made by ModeLabs a French phone maker that also worked in making luxury handsets for Christian Dior and Tag Heuer. The phone hopes to hit high end retail stores and boutiques as well as watch and jewelry shops.

These phones are clearly targeting a niche market, one that appears much smaller than typically niche cell phone markets. Think of rugged durable phones for the accident prone or music phones for music lovers. These are quite specific, namely the rugged indestructible types, yet they do serve a purpose. However luxury phones seem to target an even smaller demographic. However when the luxury phone has a starting price that is double that of most smart phones and an ending price that is closer to twenty times the price of that same smartphone it is realized that maybe the designers don't need to sell too many.

It is all very intriguing stuff that begs the question of where exactly are we going with cell phones. At what point will phones finally be dropped from the name altogether? Already the phone function of most of these handheld devices is only a small fraction of what it can do and certainly of what the consumer hopes to use it for. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, it must be acknowledged that this is particularly intriguing stuff. Whether good or bad; that's up for debate. But I don't think anyone can argue that this is not fascinating how quickly we are advancing and the number of directions we are headed in at one time.


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